Tracker Specification

Tracker Type                                             Dual axis

Tracking Range
Solar Panel Altitude Tilt                         15° to 75°
Solar Panel Azimuth                                0° to 240°
Home Position with Protection Tilt       0°

Tracking Precision                                   ±1 degree
Control Device                                         Aiva Programmed PC
Monitoring Portal                                    Blue tooth and Wireless
Monitoring Device                                   Smart Phone or Tablet
Drive Type                                                Wheel and Linear Slider
Structure Material                                   Anodized Aluminum Alloy
Drive Motor                                             12V DC
Tracker Power Consumption                   1W

System Physical Dimension

Wing Span                                                 160"
Tracker Circle Diameter                          162"
Base Side Length                                       117"
Wheel Size                                                 10"
System Weight                                          297 Lbs
Maximum 3 seconds winds gust               110mph

System Output

Solar Panel                                                 60 cell, 260W DC STC
No. of Panel                                                8
Total DC Power                                          2.08 Kw
CA Annual Daily Electricity Output Est.        16 Kwh

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25 years limited system output warranties
10 years limited products warranties

Installation Specific

Installation Type                             Ground or Flat Roof
Site Preparation                              Base with single Anchoring Pole
Solar Panel Type                              60Cell or 72 Cell
Inverter Type                                   Micro or String
Nominal Operating Temperature    -40 F to +185 F
Protection Rating                             NEMA3R
Relative Humidity                             0 – 100%