The Benefit of Aiva Solar Tracker

> Day-cycle position adjustable following the sun track with both orientation and high tilt sunlight position
> Double production than fix tilt roof-mount solar projects with the lowest liveliest cost of electricity for PV development
> Bankable PV technology with proven performance and exceptionally high ROI
> Low depreciation and high resale value with option of portable Plug-in Solar generator
> Rapid, inexpensive installation on basic system within 3 man-hours
> Minimal installation surface preparation with no damage risk to roof
> Deployable on flat roof top with standard solar unit
> Accessible panel surface for cleaning and Maintenance
> Optional off-grid battery system available

Cost Effective Solar Tracker For Residential, Commercial and Utility Solar Development

Aiva Technology SR series products is a fully automated Dual-axis Solar Tracker System with a simple, reliable and elegant design to maximize the PV energy output. This tracker system provides a total energy over a year cycle as much as double than a typical fixed PV system.


> Light weight, High strength, Anodized aluminum alloy extruded Beam structure
> Stable, Strong, Triangular Base
> Single point base Anchor
> High torque, Low speed, Low Power Tracker Consumption Mechanism
> Low Profile, “Home” Position for severe weather protection and service access
> Variety of wheels for different surface conditions.


> Integrated GPS with 30 years life-time programmed sun track
> Multiple, simplified system sensors for automatic PV panel alignment
> Adjustable position starting from every 5 minutes
> Blue tooth and Wireless access to controller
> Pre-assembly with installation and software setup
> Graphical user interface for user control and performance monitoring

Illustration of Enhanced Solar Energy Output (Kwh) DAT/SR-02 vs. Fixed Tilt @180°Azimuth and 23 ° Altitude

Illustration of Enhanced Solar Energy Output (Kwh) DAT/SR-02 vs. Rooftop